Cut yourself some Slack: Team collaboration through OpManager-Slack integration


Besides email, IT teams need a flexible communication platform that facilitates fast and easy collaboration. Slack is one such tool, as it helps internal teams collaborate and make decisions quickly. OpManager now integrates with Slack, enabling you to discuss issues related to your network on a more agile platform, and collaborate with team members to troubleshoot network issues. Click here to enable Slack for OpManager.

This OpManager-Slack integration helps IT teams customize alert handling tasks while avoiding downtime. IT teams will experience an improvement in the average handling time for every network issue. Once integrated with OpManager, Slack alerts can be configured in a notification profile, or as a step in a workflow task.

How the new OpManager-Slack integration helps admins:

Get Slack notifications when networks act up: OpManager can notify network administrators about network faults or unmonitored devices through alarms. Notification profiles can be customized to perform automatic actions based on the alarm raised, or they can be used to simply alert the network admin who can then take immediate corrective action themselves.

In the OpManager notifications profile, simply click on Chat, and configure your notifications using the custom fields. Select the member or channel you want the notification to be sent to, and that’s it. For example, a notification profile can be configured solely to monitor virtual machines. All alerts can be sent to a single channel dedicated to receiving these alerts, meaning anyone in that channel will receive all monitoring alerts for virtual machines. This applies to other network devices too.

Automate the boring stuff with Workflow Automation: Although network administration is a challenging and fun role, network administrators have certain preset, routine tasks they perform either during network faults or as ongoing maintenance tasks regularly. These Level-1 troubleshooting steps and repetitive maintenance tasks can be automated through OpManager’s powerful IT workflow automation engine.

OpManager not only automates these Level-1 tasks, but it also keeps you updated on their statuses if or when you’d like. Drag and drop the “Send Slack Message” action to the point in the workflow you’d like to be notified about, and then trigger the workflow. Once the custom automation runs, IT admins will receive a Slack notification alerting them whenever admin-defined criteria in the workflow is satisfied.

For example, consider having a critical server in an IT infrastructure. In order to check the status of the server periodically, you could design a workflow. When you add a Slack message to the workflow, you’ll receive immediate alerts in Slack about the state of the server.

Simplify network management: Having a common touch point where data can be shared and troubleshooting actions can be discussed is the best kept secret to deploying and managing IT infrastructures. Battle IT infrastructure bottlenecks as a team by establishing an effective communication platform among team members in the Slack workspace. Network management doesn’t get any simpler! Click here to enable Slack for OpManager.

To learn more, request an exclusive, personalized demo.If you haven’t downloaded OpManager yet, get started with a free, 30-day trial.

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